Best wishes and Happy New Year In homage to all fighters for perpetual freedom everywhere around the world any whatever can be their role, their rank or their nationality,
2002 : year of remembrance, mobilization, action, justice and serenity.
Mr Habib HAIBI,
7, Aguesseau St.
69007 LYON - France
Tél. 00 33 4 72 73 19 08 - Fax 00 33 4 78 61 39 27
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I am qualified to express my first feelings for The New Year 2002 to survivals and parents of victims of attacks of terrorists, to the people of the USA, its leaders, its institutions, its president and all the fighters of freedom around the world, far from home. 2001 was the year of all dangers, attacks and ripostes!
2002 will be the year of remembrance, mobilization, action and justice!
I am proud to say you with gratitude how much the USA are powerful, democratic and qualified to defend freedom with humanism and serenity.
Enemy of human being progress can be everywhere. Freedom and democracy may be under attacks again!
Nobody imagined that it could happen and it happened on a peaceful day the eleventh of September 2001…
Nobody imagined that it could happen … in France … and it happened in the twenty sixth of February 2001 when magistrates, by deliberate suicidal impulse, resorted to arbitrary power to stop the public action put in move: They required the psychiatric expertise of the Civil Party by Action before hearing it in its accusations!
An obscurantist drift exceeded all understanding!
" It happened in a peaceful day" too for me and for the French Republic Institutions.

indictment for the purposes of the psychiatric expertise or the Civil Party by Action before hearing it in its accusations, is an attempt in the fundamental values of the civilized society and an infamy hurled at the Republic in France and its Institutions:

- to all the martyrs of freedom who have paid with their life the defence of the persons and the possessions and the fundamental and universal values of democracy, freedom and the Republic in France and in the world
- to all those whom, in the exercise of their functions, in the name of the duty to serve , will expose their lives, without hesitance, for the defence of these same values
- To all willingness men or women, anonymous citizens, raised on the faith that society has been pacified by the advent of the Republic, the fear of the laws and the Infallibility of the States, the Justice and Democratic Institutions
I was, long time before WTC the other point zero of the planet… who received the first waves of attacks against democracy, freedom and human wrights …in France.
There were three other attacks on institutions, with the same evil and suicidal determination: arrest the public action legally put on movement!
I faced the adversity by indicting for abuse of authority and trading of favours aggravated 15 magistrates, nominally implicated, of both first and second Justice Courts of Lyon, all role and rank confused and I decided to sound the alarm: Everybody is concerned… anywhere the alarm can be heard and understood: democracy and freedom are under attacks… in France!!!
Once you take well the measure of attacks against the universal values of the freedom and the justice in democracy in France and in the world… and once you include the greatness of my quarrel… Your reaction will be sincerely wished and requested …
I shall receive your moral and financial support as a just consolation of the moral damage I undergo, waiting for the repair of the heavy fault by the State authority.
Please to remember that freedom and democracy and civil peace were conquered at the price of fire, blood, and sacrifices … the aim was that the reign of the law to be absolute and equalitarian.
Please to imagine the sacrifice of all the people in the eleventh of September in a world without freedom, without justice and without democracy…
Please to imagine the sacrifices of all the fighters of freedom and democracy all over the world since two centuries and more, to give dignity to the human being, becoming useless and compromised in just on day, by attacks of evil, arbitrary and obscurantism forces!!!
A new era has come where the great country which is the USA will be the leader and for a long time of the impulsion of alert and reaction to endure freedom and justice in democracies. Thanks to the president of the USA for his leadership, for the powerful forces of his country and for his serenity.
Thank you very mach for reading and including this message.
Thank you for your reactions and contributions.
This contribution is hoped at least to 500 $ or euros and more from elected representatives of the people: senators and deputies in any country and by any way they are reached by the alarm of the public action on move and in anger, once they include that "anger has turned to resolution"
The contributions will be free and welcome on behalf of quite other sensitive citizen to the idea to live in a society pacified by the fear of the laws and the credibility of the democratic institutions. My target is to gather 10 000 reactions and contributions at 100 $ or euros each : you can help me to reach that! I shall be out of misery, that's sure, but I shall not be happy before justice is done. "I have a dream": "Justice will be done"!
(The site where is related all the file is in French. You can be helped for translation by using a local translation engine).
This list consists of 30 000 emails of elected representatives, high-ranking servants, magistrates, lawyers, journalists, managers, president and member of associations, liberal profession and the other simple citizens interested in the social, administrative and judicial life.
If you do not feel concerned you can ask to cancel your email by expressing your will by email send to :
Friday, 04 January 2002
Thank you again

Pourvoi en cassation.html : l'honneur a un Code en République celui du stricte respect des lois et procédures. Il n'y a pas de notoriété en dehors de ce cadre, il n'y a même pas de citoyenneté. Saisine de la Chambre Criminelle de la Cour de cassation du dépaysement du dossier avec la mise en accusation des 15 magistrats nominativement impliqués et appel à la garantie de la continuité de l'Etat et de la Justice : LA REPUBLIQUE EST EN DANGER.
l'arrêt-de-l'incapacité.htm de la Chambre de l'Instruction ou l'asservissement des pouvoirs des juridictions d'instruction à celui du parquet et la négation des faits, de la loi, du caractère judiciaire des faits et de leur connexité, en collusion absolue avec les accusés
Memoire-Chambre-Instruction.htm, mise en garde aux magistrats de garder leur distance avec les coupables
Le-requisitoire-de-l'incapacite.htm, ou la soumission aux ordres de l'obscurantisme et de l'arbitraire et la négation des faits, de la connexité, des lois, des compétences et obligations du parquet général et la négation de l'existence du réquisitoire de l'infamie
Dysfonctionnement au Parquet et au TGI de LYON.htm / Mise en accusation du juge d'instruction et des magistrats auteurs et promoteurs du réquisitoire infamant nostalgique des temps sombres obscurs de l'arien régime et ses lettres de cachets ou du stalinisme et koulak
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M. Habib HAIBI en son nom et ès qualité 
  • Henry CHABERT, député, adjoint au maire de Lyon charge de l'Urbanisme
  • VILLE DE LYON, commune, agissant au nom de l'Etat
  • PRÉFECTURE DU RHÔNE, représentant de l'Etat.
  • M. Jean François GROS , haut fonctionnaire, directeur de la cellule de Contrôle de la Légalité de la préfecture du Rhône
  • Mme Marie Chantal DESBAZEILLE, maire de Lyon 7 à l'époque des faits
  • Philippe TOLLET, particulier promoteur
  • Georges TOLLET, particulier, promoteur
  • FONCIA JACOBINS, régisseur et syndic de copropriétés
  • Maurice EMAIN, particulier promoteur
  • SCP BERNARD ET RAMEL, cabinet d'architecture
M. Jean-Claude HUMBERT, magistrat président du TGI de LYON,
Les président, magistrat (x) du Bureau de l'aide Judiciaire
M. MULLER, magistrat au TGI de Lyon,
M. BARRET, magistrat au parquet de Lyon
Madame BAZELAIRE, magistrat au parquet de Lyon,
M. MANDONNAIX, magistrat au parquet de Lyon,
Le Magistrat, identifiable par sa signature, au parquet de Lyon auteur du réquisitoire de l'infamie
Monsieur HASSENFRATZ, Le Procureur de la République,
Monsieur COQUILLAT, magistrat adjoint au procureur de la république,
M. Bernard CHIFFLET, juge d’instruction
M. François COSTE, avocat général, porteur de la légion d'honneur
Mme PALISSE, magistrat présidente de la Chambre de l'Instruction
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